Whyteboard, Inc. Introduces its Social Commerce Facebook Application “Whytelist”

On Wednesday, Whyteboard, Inc. announced the beta launch of its social commerce Facebook application “Whytelist” in the U.S. This new interactive application leverages Facebook’s social data to boost trust among buyers and sellers, which in turn will permit for a more open and safe marketplace.
also intends to introduce unique social commerce features which will be beyond the activity of just buying and selling. Through this even the users will be capable to give away and post items that they are interested in buying.

 Social CommerceKazuo Ikari, CEO at Whyteboard, Inc has explained that it is an entrance into a new era of commerce where people take center stage and he further clarified that the Whytelist’s proposition is to pet an end to anonymity and also lead the way to commerce based on trust.

Whytelist shall be an open and safer marketplace for users as to join it; Whytelist users must authenticate themselves through using Facebook Connect. Transactions shall only be done with real people.

Whytelist is the only social commerce Facebook application that offers the options to buy, sell, giveaway and post a Wishlist of items desired by users in transactions.

Users shall be capable to list their goods within seconds. Whytelist is supposed not to charge any listing fees; however a flat transaction fee of 8% of the total purchase shall be charged to the sellers.

The social features of Whytelist shall include commenting, suggesting, and sharing listings on Whytelist, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Company, Whyteboard, Inc. is a software development company, based in Japan, focused on disruptive web-based products.…