ConocoPhillips Reports a Sudden Death of Its worker

An accident is reported at ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) site in southern 111 which has embraced the life of a contract worker. The worker’s death has been caused by fall while welding. A meticulous investigation is in process by Federal workplace-safety officials investigating the sudden death of a contractor who while executing welding task on an above-ground tank, fell nearly 50 feet at ConocoPhillips oil refinery in southwestern Illinois.


Madison County Coroner, Stephen Nonn has acknowledged that the deceased person named Bradley Edmund, 38, of Taylorville died at the accident on Tuesday afternoon at the ConocoPhillips site in Hartford, just northeast of St. Louis. The autopsy which was performed on Wednesday proclaimed that Edmund suffered head and chest trauma, the authentication of which is due until the release of the toxicology tests results; asserted Nonn in a news release.

The company for which Edmund was working for is Tulsa; an Okla.-based Matrix Service Co., which provides construction, repair and maintenance services largely to energy companies in the United States and Canada. Kevin Cavanah, chief financial officer of Matrix Services affirmed that they are providing every possible assistance and cooperation in the investigation of the incident, to avoid the meddling with the reputation of the 22-year-old company. Hartford police and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration are employed to carry out the investigatigation process.

Cavannah confided that Matrix Services is an employee-centered company and their safety is the cynosure of the company’s priority, and as such the unfortunate incident has affected them all. He is scrutinizing the investigation process with minute details and is pointing on the flaws such as the investigation is yet to determine whether Edmund was using safety equipment such as harnesses or tethers to the tank at the time of his fall. “We are ready to provide any assistance required to figure out the actual cause of the event.” remarked Cavannah.

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